1. Minutes: Regular Board Meeting

Regular Board Meeting
Date : Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Start time : 10:00 AM
Location : Catholic Education and Conference Centre, Peace River, AB
Chair Lavoie called the Regular Board Meeting to order at 10:01
a.m. in Peace River, Alberta.
Present were:
Board Chair
D. Lavoie;
C. Lizée, G.
Fisher, M. Michaud, R. David,? B. Wright, F. Cailliau and V.
B. Turpin;
Assistant Superintendent
H. Diaz;
J. Bekevich; and
C. Doris.
Recording Secretary
Absent: Vice-Chair
K. Whalen
Trustee?Lizée led the meeting in a group?prayer.
Resolution #RB20150317.1001
Moved By: Ryk David
the Board adopt the?agenda for?the?(2015/03/17)
Regular Board Meeting?with the following amendment:
Appoint Ad Hoc Committee re: Glenmary School
Modernization (#20150316001)
Resolution #RB20150317.1002
Moved By: Carmelle Lizée
?the Board adopt the minutes of the (2015/02/18)
Regular Board Meeting, as presented.
Mental Health Capacity
Projects - Assistant
Superintendent J. Taplin
(BOARD PD (Division Level))
Assistant Superintendent Taplin provided a presentation on the
Mental Health Capacity Projects which is made up of the?Project
PEACE serving the community of Peace River since 2006 and
HOSTS serving the community of High Prairie since 2007.???The
acronym for PEACE is P -?partnership, ?E - encouraging, A?-
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asset- based,?C - capacity for a?lifelong journey, E?- enabling
students.? The acronym for HOSTS stands for?Helping Our
Students To Succeed.?? Assistant Superintendent Taplin gave an
overview of the Mission and Objectives of the Projects.
Assistant Superintendent Taplin noted the funding for the
Project?has been?guaranteed for the next three years and? looks
forward to continuing the work? of the project.?
Chair Lavoie thanked? Assistant Superintendent Taplin for his
presentation and noted the Board?appreciates the good work he is
doing with the projects.
Community Engagement
(BOARD PD (Division Level))
Superintendent Turpin provided information regarding the "
Foundations for Public Participation
Turpin recommended that two trustees along with
Communications Coordinator Bekevich and Superintendent
Turpin attend the next course being offered October 26-30, 2015,
in Edmonton.??
The Board agreed to the recommendation and directed
administration to bring this item back for further discussion at
the?May Board Meeting.
Annual Support Staff
Superintendent Turpin provided the Board with a schedule of
meetings to be held with?Division support staff and explained due
to the delay in the signing of the Collective Agreement,?the Annual
Meeting with Support Staff had been put on hold.??Individual
meetings have been scheduled to meet with?support staff at each
school site.? Superintendent Turpin and Secretary-Treasurer Diaz
will attend and are inviting the trustee from the ward to attend as
the Board is?responsible for staff remuneration.?
The schedule of meetings was reviewed and trustees were
assigned as follows:
May 19 - Glenmary School - 3:30 - Chair Lavoie
May 21 - Good Shepherd School - 3:30 - Chair Lavoie
May 26 - École Providence School - 12:00 noon - Trustee Fisher
May 26 - St. Andrew's School - 3:30 - Trustees Lizée and Wright
?May 27 - St. Stephen's School - 3:30 - Trustee David
May 28 - Holy Family School - 12:00 noon - Trustee Gayton
May 28 - Rosary School - 3:30 p.m. - Trustee Michaud?
Glenmary Trip to Paris,
France, April 2015
Resolution #RB20150317.1003
Moved By: Vivianne Gayton
the Board give final approval for the Glenmary Trip to
Paris, from April 3 - 10, 2015, as per Administrative Procedure
260 Co- and Extra-Curricular Activities.
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St. Andrew's Trip to
Resolution #RB20150317.1004
Moved By: Carmelle Lizée
the Board give final approval for the St. Andrew's School
Trip to Germany, Italy and Switzerland on April 3 to 12, 2015, as
per Administrative Procedure 260 Co and Extra-Curricular
Activities, ?with the proviso that attending Sunday Mass be added
to the itinerary.
Workshops Supporting
the Implementation of the
Education Act and
Superintendent Turpin informed the Board that ASBA Consultant,
Terry Gunderson, has been?assigned to our Division to?give the
workshop to review the Board policies and procedures to support
the implementation of the Education Act and Regulation and had
provided possible dates.
The Board directed administration to contact Mr. Gunderson and
schedule the workshop on June 5, 2015, at 10:00 a.m.
Ad Hoc Committee re:
Glenmary School
Resolution #RB20150317.1005
Moved By: Carmelle Lizée
the Board strike an?Ad Hoc Committee?for the?Glenmary
School Modernization and appoint?Trustees Whalen, Lavoie,
Fisher and Gayton.?
Board Faith Retreat Day -
March 24, 2015
It was the concensus of the Board to?hold it's?Board Faith
?Retreat? Day at the Belle Petroleum on March 24, 2015, at 10:00
a.m. .
Strategic Planning
Meeting Notes of March 3,
The Board reviewed the Strategic Planning Session notes of
March 3, 2015.
Resolution #RB20150317.1006
Moved By: Margaret Michaud
the Board adopt the?Strategic Priorities, as presented.
Resolution #RB20150317.1007
Moved By: Vivianne Gayton
? the Board adopt the Vision Statement with the
recommended amendments and that Policy 1 Division
Foundational Statements be amended to reflect the amendments.
Request for a
Teacher-Board Advisory
Committee Meeting
The Board reviewed the request to reactivate the Teacher-Board
Advisory Committee from a teacher .
The Board?believes the work of the C2 Committee and the work of
the Teacher-Board Advisory Committee is very similar and feels
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there would be duplication of work?and recommended that the C2
Committee have representation from each school.?
The Board directed?Chair Lavoie to send a letter to the teacher
providing an explanation of the mandate of the C2 Committee
and, at this time, the Board will not reactivate the Teacher-Board
Advisory Committee because the Board believes?it would be a
duplication of work.
May School Council
As requested at the October 21, 2014,? meeting with School
Council?Chairs and the Board, a meeting was scheduled with
School Council Chairs?from 6:30 p.m.?to 8:00?p.m. on May 12,
2015, at Central Office.
Joint Meeting with MD
and Town of High Prairie
April 15, 2015
Superintendent Turpin informed trustees that the Board of the
High Prairie School Division and the Board of Holy Family CRD
will meet at 11:00 a.m. prior to the meeting at noon with the Town
of High Prairie and the MD of Big Lakes on April 15, 2015.? ? The
meetings will be held at the Town Office in High Prairie.? ?
Chair Lavoie, Trustees David, Lizée, Michaud, Cailliau, and
Fisher, Superintendent Turpin and Secretary-Treasurer Diaz will
Meeting with McLennan
Town Council
As requested by the Town of McLennan, the Board scheduled a
meeting with the Town of McLennan on April 14, 2015, at 7:00
p.m.?at?École Providence School in McLennan.? Chair Lavoie,
Trustees Lizée, Michaud, Cailliau, David, Wright and Fisher will
The meeting was recessed at 11:50 a.m. for lunch.
The meeting was reconvened at 12:45 p.m.
In Camera
Resolution #RB20150317.1008
Moved By: Vivianne Gayton
the meeting continue?
, at 12:45 p.m.,
pursuant to Section 197 of the Municipal Government Act, 2000,
Chapter M-26 and amendments thereto, and Division 2 of Part 1
of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act,
Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000, Chapter F-25 and amendments
thereto, to discuss Privileged Information with regards to?Expelled
Student, Wind Project?and Support Staff.
Trustee Cailliau declared a conflict of interest and left the
meeting.? Jody and Jim were excused.
Resolution #RB20150317.1009
Moved By: Vivianne Gayton
the meeting continue
in public
1:50 p.m.
Trustee Cailliau returned to the meeting after the?Support Staff
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Assistant Superintendent Taplin and Communications Coordinator
Bekevich returned to the meeting at 1:50 p.m.
Resolution #RB20150317.1010
Moved By: Carmelle Lizée
the Board approve the?adjustments to the?Central
Services?Support Staff Salary Grid, effective April 1, 2015, and the
Managerial Support Staff, Computer Technician Support Staff,
Maintenance Support Staff and School-Based Support Staff
Salary Grids effective September?1, 2015, ?and an adjustment to
support staff benefits, effective September 1, 2015,?as
Trustee Cailliau abstained from voting.
Resolution #RB20150317.1011
Moved By: Margaret Michaud
?the Board approve the annotation on the Direct Sales
Agreement with 1646658 Alberta Ltd. for the purchase of
Resolution #RB20150317.1012
Moved By: Fay Cailliau
: that the Board not participate in the optional prepayment
and electricity rebate program offered to school boards from the
Bull Creek Wind Project.
Superintendent's Report -
March 2015
Superintendent Turpin highlighted the development of ?2015-2016
Division calendar and the Communications Coordinator's report
on Media Stats.
Communications Coordinator, Jody Bekevich, provided a Draft
Power Point presenting the Division Profile?for the Board's use in
community engagement presentations.? Trustees provided
feedback and final edits will be made.
Report - March 2015
The Secretary-Treasurer's report was received as information.?
Secretary-Treasurer Diaz reported on the meeting she attended
with Superintendent Turpin in Edmonton regarding
Draft?Standards for Education Service Agreements and provided
an overview of the timelines and requirements for aligning
Education Services Agreements with the new Education Act.
ASBA Zone 1 Meeting -
March 26, 2015
Trustee Gayton reported on the Zone Executive Meeting held
on?February 26,? 2015.??ASBA Zone 1 representatives were asked
to?get feedback from their Boards regarding the ?Edwin Parr
Selection?Process,?Hosting Board arranging Professional
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Development for Zone Meetings and creating an?Advocacy
Committee.? The Board was in agreement?that the Edwin Parr
Selection would be more efficient if it was done electronically,
interviewing nominees could be done by using videos.??? The
Board was in?agreement that hosting boards could arrange the
Professional Development sessions as long as the sessions are
more general and pertain to everyone in attendance.?? The Board
was also in favor of an Advocacy Committee.?
Boards will be asked to vote on these items at the upcoming
ASBA Zone 1 Meeting on March 26, 2015, in High Prairie.
Board Calendar
Chair Lavoie reviewed the Board calendar.?? Hand Games
Tournament at Holy Family School on March 20, 2015, at 10:00
a.m. will be added to the calendar.
ACSTA Blueprints
Conference April 28 - May
1, 2015
Trustee Cailliau and Michaud will attend the Blueprints
Conference in Kananaskis.
Board Annual Work Plan
Chair Lavoie reviewed the Board Annual Work Plan.
2015-02-18 Board Meeting
The Board Meeting feedback was received as information.
Spotlight on
Trustee Gayton's article "Spotlight on Programming" was received
as information.
Ad Hoc Committee: Ecole
Providence School
Committee Chair Fisher reported on the results of the electronic
meeting of March 10, 2015.?
Resolution #RB20150317.1013
Moved By: Gary Fisher
the Board continue to support École Providence School
in its operation of an ECS to grade 6 school for the 2015-2016
school year.?
C2 Committee Update -
March 16, 2015
Trustee Gayton provided an update on the C2 Committee meeting
held?on March 16, 2015.? ?Trustee Gayton noted that the Lead
Teacher of the Committee, ?Mr. John Wiedrick, has been doing an
exemplary work and?should be commended.
Archdiocesan Pastoral
Council Meeting Update
Trustee Fisher provided the Board with the Congress Alive
Prayer, Agenda, and Goals and Strategies.? Trustee Gayton will
attend the Congress, Trustee Fisher as an Archdiocesan Pastoral
Council member and Trustee Lizeé as a representative of
Deanery 2.? Superintendent Turpin will also attend and four
Division staff members John Kuran, Faith Permeation
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Coordinator, Krista Veitch, Victoria Cornick, Sandy Campbell
(alternate) ?and Patrick McLean.
New Monthly Evaluation
Form for March Meeting
Chair Lavoie reminded trustees to complete the form.
Chair Lavoie closed the meeting with a prayer.
Resolution #RB20150317.1014
Moved By: Ryk David
the meeting be adjourned at 4:02 p.m.
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