1. Parent Council@ 7:00 pm   Sept.28th, 2016
      1. Religion (Sandy)- Report Attached
    1. ■ School Report (Bev)- Report Attached

St. Stephen’s Catholic School

Box 840, Valleyview AB T0H 3N0 Ph: 780-524-3562
“Creating an atmosphere of respect and a tradition of academic excellence in a Christ centered environment”




Parent Council@ 7:00 pm      Sept.28th, 2016

1.  Opening Prayer

2.  Additions to Agenda

·   Math Parent Training/Information Night – Family Game night to teach kids/parents math concepts. K-3 Night – Grade 4-6. – Junior High. Parent Council will host a Family Math Game Night, it will be scheduled for the new year. A planning meeting will be held in December.

·   Parent Council Meetings – meetings will be held on the first Thursday of every month. Starting in November, excluding January.

3.  Adoptions of Minutes from Previous Meeting – Christalee moves adoption of the May 10, 2016 meeting minutes.
4.  Parent Council Position Elections


·   Chair: Trina Parker-Carroll
·   Vice Chair: Chirstalee Brotnov
·   Treasurer: Bev Laughlin
·   Secretary: Rotating position

5.  Information Sharing

Religion (Sandy)- Report Attached

■   I attended a Parish Council meeting on September 12th. Fr. Abraham is gone on a month long vacation back to India. He will be returning to Canada on October 16th.

■   We will be having our Recommissioning Mass on October 30th and there will be a pancake breakfast following at the school.

■   We had our school led Mass on Sunday, September 18th.

■   The Grade 4 class is presenting a Pentecost play on Monday, October 3rd following Assembly.

■   The CWL will be presenting the Grade 4 class with New Testament Bibles in early October.

■   School Report (Bev)- Report Attached

-  Mr. Macleod, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Smart left last year.

-  We moved Mr. MacDonald up to Junior High Math and Physical Education and hired Carolyn Horwood as the new Grade 6 teacher. We also hired Cindy Klassen as an Educational Assistant and are looking to hire another full-time EA as soon as possible.

-  We currently have 254 students enrolled in our school.

-  Meet the Teacher Night was Tuesday, Sept. 13th.

-  We have a new school photographer. Mary Lawson took school pictures on Thursday, Sept. 15th and did class group photos this past Monday, Sept. 26th. Retakes are scheduled for Thursday Oct. 13th.

-  We had the Junior high sleepover on Sept. 16th – 70/84 kids came

-  Bus safety/evacuation practise was last Tuesday, the 20th.

■   Information (Jodie) -

*New Staff – Carolyn Horwood(Gr 6 Teacher), Hiring new EA

*Enrollment - 254

*Review School Council By-Laws – By-laws handed out to all members to review and to make recommendations for changes for the Novemeber meeting.

6.  Treasurer’s Report – Will be attached

7.  Adjournment – 8:00 pm


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