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    June 2018


    St. Stephen’s Catholic School Council

    Year End Report

     During the 2017-2018 School Year the School Council at St. Stephen’s has had a successful year. Here are some other highlights of their work this past year.
    In September they elected the following;
     Chair – Christin Trofimenkoff
     Vice-Chair – Janet Hackett
     Treasurer – Christalee Brotnov
     Secretary – Bev Laughlin
     School Board Trustee – JM Pozniak
    1. Parent Council organized a Family Math Night which will have a bag of games to take home with the families. These games will reinforce different math skills. Parent Council will be hosting this in the fall.
    2. Parent Coucil donated money for the Christian Leadership group to attend “WE Day” .
    3. Parent Council did the following fundraisers: Stuff the Bus, Garage Sale, sold choclate bars, raffled a Multi Plex family membership and sold plants (Vessy Seeds)

    4. Parent Council reviewed St. Stephen’s School By-laws.

    5. The Parent Council sponsored supper for the teachers during a Parent/Teacher Interview evening.

    6. The Parent Council surveyed the teachers to see what new equipment they would like to have for the students outside in the playground.

    7. Parent Council purchased water fountain/bottle filling stations for the school.

    8. Parent Council purchased a Fruit Basket for the staff to say thank you.

    9. Parent Council had a booth promoting “being a member of Parent Council” at the school during Parent Teacher Interviews.
    9. The membership has been active in recruiting new parents and students for the school.
    10. As per school procedures the Council reviewed the Administrative Procedures that are of significance to them.
    11. The Parent Council reviewed St. Stephen’s Educational Plan.
    12. Parent Council drafted up a 2 year Outdoor Beautification Project plan for the outside of the school. They will fund raise money to purchase an outdoor classroom, shed, trees, benches and a greenhouse.
    13. Parent Council applied for 2 different tree grants. They will put any trees received in the playground.
    14. Parent Council will dedicate a bench by the new trees to Jessica Klymchuk.
    15. Parent Coucil their own computer and started to do their own reports and finicial reports. They also got set up for on line banking.
    16. Parent Council sent 2 members plus Sandy and Jodie to the Board and Parent Council Chairs Dinner and Meeting on March 20.
    17. Parent Council reviewed “Threats and Opportunities for Catholic Education”.
    18. Parent Council promoted “Parenting of Anxious Children & Youth” held at the town Library on May 9th.
    19. Parent Council prepared and brought in to the staff room lunch for the whole staff. They prepared bannock burgers and salad.
    20. Parent Council purchased Box Car and One Eyed Jacks materials for teachers to have in their classroom. After a day long PD teachers were invested to use the dice and cards to strengthen math skills using visuals and games.
    21. Parent Council was recognized at St. Stephen’s Year End Awards.


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