Administrative Procedure 207                                                                                 Updated: 2020-01-31


The Division and public health officials have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of our youth by providing medically accurate and timely information to students in the area of human sexuality education. Moreover, Alberta Education requires that human sexuality education within the approved Alberta curriculum be provided for all students.
It is equally important that a complete educational program that addresses the moral and ethical aspects of human sexuality be provided for our students. Such a program must be consistent with our Catholic philosophy and be in keeping with the basic moral principles of respect and dignity for all human life, endeavoring to respond in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church and with Gospel values.

1. Formal classroom instruction on human sexuality education will be presented at the appropriate grade levels and integrated into the provincial curriculum as follows:
Kindergarten to Grade 9
Health and Life Skills
Religious Education Programs
Grade 10, 11 and 12
Career and Life Management
Religious Education 15, 25 and 35
Science 10
Biology 20, 30
2. This information is to be presented in a Catholic, ethical context.
3. School staff will explain the rationale of this program to parents/guardians and to any other interested stakeholders prior to the introduction of the unit. This explanation:
3.1 Must be in the form of a written letter from the school informing the parents/ guardians of the scope and nature of the upcoming instruction in the area of human sexuality;
3.2 May include parent/guardian information nights to allow parents/guardians to meet the teachers and review the learning resources and teaching concepts; and
3.3 Must inform parents/guardians of their right to exempt their child from the human sexuality component of any course. Parents/Guardians may request such exemption through a written request to the teacher. In such cases, schools must provide alternative learning experiences for those who are exempted by their parents.
4. Parents/Guardians will be encouraged to become familiar with the information being presented to their children at various grade levels.
5. Staff in-service sessions will be accessed to assist staff in the delivery of human sexuality education.
6. Use of community resource personnel is encouraged, provided that the presentation is done in a manner respectful of the Catholic moral and ethical position.
7. Resources other than those in the approved curricula must be reviewed and approved by the school administration and the Superintendent prior to being utilized for instruction.
Sections 18, 32, 33, 52, 53, 58.1, 196, 197, 222 Education Act
Ministerial Order on Student Learning
Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12

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Holy Family Catholic Regional Division No. 37   June 2010
Administrative Procedure 207