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Form 315-1 Accident Report Form.docx
315-1 Accident Report
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  • Form 315-1
March 2008ACCIDENT REPORT FORMThe information collected below will be used for the purposes of attaining details about the accident/injury.
  • School: ________________________________ Date Form Completed: Name of Injured: ________________________ Alberta Health Care No.: Sex: ________ Grade: _____ Date/Time of Accident/Injury: Indicate the one (or more) most appropriate statement(s) from each of the following sections with an “x”:
Body Region(s) Injured:Head ShoulderChestLower LegFaceUpper ArmAbdomenAnkleNoseElbowBackFootEyeForearmButtocksOtherEarWristGroinTeethHandThighNeckFingerKneeType of Injury:Abrasion/ScrapeBurnBone Bruise-swelling and/or disc...
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Form 315-1 Accident Report Form.docx
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